Longleash Trio Commission Project

Thanks also to Columbia Composers for the shout!

I’m very pleased to announce an upcoming commission for the Longleash Trio here in New York. These amazing musicians are also extremely supportive longtime friends, and I’m thrilled to be developing a new work for them next year! Their performances and recordings, for example, of Passing Through, Staying Put (Christopher Trapani), or Flyaway Detour (Anthony Cheung) are among my favorite pieces to return to.

This project is actually part of a larger research initiative that is generously supported by the ACTOR Project Research-Creation program. As a member of ACTOR’s Voice Timbre Workgroup, I’ll be working alongside colleagues at the Laboratoire de recherche sur le geste musicien at the Université de Montreal and at McGill University’s Music Perception and Cognition Lab to conduct research on vocal timbres modeled in genres of instrumental music.

This work will serve as a basis for what’s to come — a new piece for piano trio and electronics. Esteemed fellow timbral perception researchers, composers, and performers that I’m lucky to be working with on this project include Jason Noble, Caroline Traube, Jay Marchand Knight, Theodora Nestorova, and Gabriel Couturier. They’re among the very best, and they bring such a commanding presence to this thing! We’ll be publishing our work on the ACTOR website and elsewhere, so keep an eye out… Exciting stuff ahead over the next year or so!


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