Les passages interdits (2013)


Motion tracking in Auer Hall, Indiana University.

Les passages interdits (2013) is an interactive piece in which audience members entering a hall are motion tracked as they take their seats. Changes in incoming pixels from a video camera are used to track the intensity of movement, and this is used to trigger nine resonant model filters placed virtually throughout a space. Audience members, therefore, pass through regions of sound referring to a number of different spaces. This demo version preserves audio from one such passing.

I began this piece with the realization that soon I would leave Paris. In a quest to preserve some kind of memory of my surroundings, I recorded the sounds of the Paris metro. During a short lunch break I recorded everything I could between Châtelet and Rambuteau stations and later selected quazi-harmonic sounds found ringing in these deep, dark passages. In Les passages interdits, the resonances of the metro that would normally be excited by the travelers underground are instead excited by the act of traveling in a much more distant space. A single brief journey to one’s seat carries a passenger through multiple memory spaces at once, seamlessly blending them together.

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