Wreaths of Violet (2013)

View Score Sample

View Score Sample

Wreaths of Violet (2013) is a short film by director Austin Criner. The film centers on the deterioration of what appears to be a dream or fantasy of an idealized relationship. While the director uses many visual symbols to connote an underlying plot, the gradual transformation of a single sonority (the mystery surrounding the reality of the woman in the film) into an inverted spectrum of itself at the end of the film characterizes the general movement of the sound. At the beginning, gradual expanding and contracting rhythms intone the upper partials of a source chord and suggest the turning of bicycle wheels.

The piece may be performed with or without film projection. For performances with film, a video playback patch in Max will be provided by the composer for cueing. There is no click track.

A recent live recording of the piece may also be streamed here:

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