Travertine Hybrid #3 (2014)


In the winter of 2011 I visited the Getty Center in Los Angeles. There, I recorded myself striking the surface of travertine limestone spread throughout the Getty campus, which produces an amazing hollow ringing sound. The following year I used analyses of this audio as the compositional basis for a series of pieces for solo string instruments. The two prior works in the series are for viola and cello solo respectively, while Travertine Hybrid #3 marks the first in this series for violin and is also the first to include accompanimnet via electronics. Previously I cross-synthesized the partials of viola samples with partials of the travertine samples and produced hybrid spectra. The electronic accompaniment here includes such cross-synthesis, but also includes resonant filter techniques and generative score material. For example, a Markov chain was constructed in order to generate much of the pitch material for the notated part.

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