For Richard Mavis


Hey Richard! —

It was amazing reconnecting with you and so interesting to hear about your journey over the last few years — and equally amazing to meet Mandy! So I thought of this on the plane ride home. Here’s a running list of some of the music I’ve discovered over the last number of years since we first exchanged music. I’ve included links where possible but I can also send you some of these tracks.

I hope you’ll enjoy this stuff (which I’ve listed in no particular order but probably you’ve heard some of already), and please let me know about what has struck a chord with you too (sorry I didn’t write down the names you threw at me over the weekend; but please remind me and I’d love to check them out)…

  1. Gérard Grisey, Vortex Temporum, Périodes, Partiels, et Tempus ex machina.
  2. Tristan Murail, Désintégrations.
  3. Giacinto Scelsi, Quattro Pezzi Per Orchestra Su Uno Nota Sola and Anahit.
  4. Toru Takemitsu, A Flock Descends Into The Pentagonal Garden and November Steps.
  5. Iannis Xenakis, MetastasisPithoprakta, and Tetras.
  6. Bernhard Leitner, Kopfräume (Headscapes) (BINAURAL! — Must listen only on earphones!)
  7. Maryanne Amacher, Head Rhythms (Must listen only over stereo speakers at a high volume, so as to reproduce auditory distortion products.)
  8. Maggi Payne, Scirocco.
  9. John Chowning, Stria.
  10. Henry Brant, Orbits.
  11. Philippe Leroux, Voi(Rex), M.
  12. Georges Aperghis, Retrouvailles, Les Sept crimes de l’amour, Le Corps à corps, Luna Park, et Avis de tempête.
  13. Pauline Oliveros, Sound Fishes, The Well and the Gentle, Environmental Dialogue, and Deep Listening.
  14. Salvatore Sciarrino, 6 Capricci for violin solo, and Shadow of Sound.
  15. Fausto Romitelli, Professor Bad Trip Lesson I, Lesson II, and Lesson III, Blood on the Floor, Painting 1986The Poppy in the Cloud, La sabbia del tempo, Dead City Radio (Audiodrome), and An Index of Metals.
  16. Olga Neuwirth, Lost Highway.
  17. Jonathan Harvey, Speakings and Wagner Dream.
  18. Alexander Schubert, Sensate Focus.
  19. Kaija Saariaho, Sept papillons.
  20. Georg Friedrich Haas, Limited Approximations, In Vain, Hommage à Steve Reich, Dark Dreams, and Bluthaus.
  21. Raphaël Cendo, Décombres, Graphein, and Tract.
  22. Beat Furrer, Concerto per pianoforte e orchestra.
  23. Helmut Lachenmann, Mouvement, and Pression.
  24. Horațiu Rădulescu, Clepsydra, Das Andere, Byzantine Prayer, and Capricorn’s Nostalgic Crickets II.
  25. Iancu Dumitrescu, Pierres Sacrées, Gnosis, Hyperspectres, and Étude granulaire.
  26. Ana-Maria Avram, Parhelion, Textures liminales (III), Chiaroscuro, and Incantatio.
  27. Wolfgang von Schweinitz, Plainsound Glissando Modulation.
  28. Ashley Fure, Something to Hunt.
  29. Clara Iannotta, Intent on Resurrection.
  30. Pierluigi Billone, ITI KE MI.
  31. Aaron Einbond, What the Blind See.