‘Giffen Good’ goes to ICMC

icmc-logoI’m very pleased to announce that Giffen Good (2014) for trombone and live electronics has been accepted to the 41st International Computer Music Conference! This year it will be held from September 25 — October 1 at the University of North Texas.

More information will be on the way, including a recording, currently being mixed — I’m making every effort to bring trombonist David Whitwell in for the ICMC performance. David commissioned this piece and was a major force behind its creation. David has already performed Giffen Good a number of times as well — including performances at Brooklyn College and New York City’s Spectrum. As always, major thanks also goes out to the equally-amazing Brennan Johns, who provided bass trombone samples that are analyzed, processed, and granulated within the piece.

This piece wouldn’t exist without your contributions & inspirations! —


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