‘Giffen Good’ plays at ICMC


David Whitwell performs ‘Giffen Good’ at ICMC 2015.

Yesterday was an adventure. David flew in from New York on a 6:30am flight. My good friend Christian picked him up and rushed from DAL to Denton, at Lyric Theatre where our performance took place in the afternoon, at the 41st International Computer Music Conference (ICMC). We scrambled to get set up, but ultimately it was an extremely successful performance with lots of positive feedback from colleagues and fellow composers, performers, etc.


UNT’s Lyric Theatre.

This was the first time we used version 2.0 of the Giffen Good patch, which actually is now two different patches. The new-and-improved setup allows me to work independently on a master patch from mix position, as it always should have been! Over a simple TCP network, David runs a client patch from the stage, where I send him pitch analysis data for the improvised sections of the piece. I brought an extra wireless router from home to ensure a stable network — worked beautifully.


Screencast from an upcoming interview with David Whitwell on the evolution of ‘Giffen Good.’

In the photos you can sort of see this in action. The Lyric Theatre was packed; wonderfully attended for a Sunday afternoon! Before he left earlier today, we managed to get some interview time in for a forthcoming video of the performance and an explanation of what the piece is, how it works, etc.

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