Grand Sepia @ NYCEMF


This was our last performance of Grand Sepia Taksim (2013) for awhile, but it’s just the beginning of the summer — with SICPP and Composit up next! Eszter danced beautifully; she’s done an amazing job with this piece!! Once again, got to meet some insanely talented new people (and some people I’ve really looked up to over the years), and got to see some old friends. It was a great visit to New York.


Just after our piece!


Sound check…


Had a BLAST with David & Kristy Whitwell again! We even rehearsed the new trombone piece (no work, no play…?)


Chinatown made us miss Taiwan!


Putting finishing touches on the new violin piece between concerts!


Even had time to *finally* visit The Stone. Heard John Zorn and Ikue Mori.


Got to reunite with my dear friend Nicholas after many years, picking up the conversation right where we’d left off.


































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