Nascent States @ SICPP!

SICPP (Summer Institute of Contemporary Performance Practice), a.k.a. “Sick Puppy,” was amazing this year. I got to hear a lot of great performances, run electronics for some amazing music, and perform my own 初生態 Chu Sheng Tai (“Nascent States”) (2012) for sopranino saxophone and electronics. It’s been awhile since I played this piece, and I was nervous about giving it a good run. But knowing that some new friends, all very talented musicians in their own right, enjoyed it made all the difference. Here’s the recap:


Dress rehearsal for ‘Nascent States’ !!


With Scott Deal, composer & percussionist. Scott taught me some some great things this year, and I’ll look forward to working with him again soon!


With SICPP director Steve Drury. I’ve always been a fan, but it was great to finally meet him!


These guys.

sicpp-5 sicpp-6 sicpp-7 sicpp-8

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